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About was launched on 24th January, 2008.

Test Matches, One Day Matches and now 20-20 Matches have started attracting newer audience with world over. Cricket is now growing bigger and popular everyday, and has touched a chord with audiences in China as well. The game has already reached a cult status in many countries and with shorter version of cricket it would reach newer territories and newer section of audience.

Cricket is perhaps the only sport in world which offers advertisers an opportunity to connect with their target audience for over eight hours. The advertisers could use the emotional quotient of the passion which runs high across of all segments of users during the match.

The statistics rich sport is ideally suited for Internet, and users often hit popular cricket websites during live match to keep a tab on the latest scores and statistics.

The reason behind creating

We wanted to create a site where we could to reach users at Grass root level and help smaller companies to embrace cricket to increase the sale of their services and products and help them to expose their brand.

We are a staunch believer in Technology and we truly believe that by using our technology we could make a difference in online Cricket.

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